About Us

Our history:

The Enon Baptist Church meeting house sits at the southeast corner of the Army’s Fort A.P. Hill.  The Enon congregation has been gathering there since 1820—one hundred twenty years before the Army came.  We still meet in the second meeting house, a brick building completed in 1852.  The old cemetery behind the meeting house is resting place for families dating back to the Civil War.  A fellowship and classroom building was added in 1968—the first time indoor plumbing became available.  Behind the pulpit, the tombstone of William Baynham, first Pastor to serve more than 40 years, is mounted in the wall; and he is buried beneath the pulpit at his request.  On the rear wall of the auditorium are Sidney King portraits of three former Pastors: Dr. Baynham, Norman Luck, and Stanley Williams.  These men led the church for over 120 years of her history.  Mr. Williams was part of the church for over half the 20th century.  Sunday school and worship are still scheduled every Sunday morning of the year.